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Basis Tanganyika African Cichlid Buffer is a high quality multi-component blended true buffering system designed to raise the alkalinity (buffering capacity) of Tanganyika African Cichlid and other hardwater high pH aquariums and automatically regulate the pH. It will hold pH stable over a wide range of conditions providing for safety of the entire system.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Proper control of pH and alkalinity are among the most critical functions of maintaining any aquarium. Continuum recommends that you maintain an alkalinity level as specified in the directions. Proper pH for specific lake cichlids can also be maintained. These are: Mixed Cichlids 8.1 to 8.5 Malawi Cichlids 7.8 to 8.6 Tanganyika Cichlids 8.3 to 9.2 and Victoria Cichlids 8.0 to 9.0.


For initial setup first use Continuum Basis African Cichlid Salts as directed on its label. Then dissolve 6 grams about 1 teaspoon of this product in 8 oz. ( 236 ml ) water. Add in an area of high flow directly to the aquarium for each 10-20 gallons ( 38-76 L ) capacity per day until the desired alkalinity is reached. For best results consult an aquarium keeping book for proper alkalinity levels for the fish you are keeping. Continuum recommends 175 to 225 ppm or 10 to 12 degrees dKH (German degrees of carbonate hardness or Karbonathaerte). Wait at least 2 hours for pH to stabilize then measure. Recommended pH is 8.3 to 9.2 for Lake Tanganyika African Cichlids.

Expert use.

To dose determine the amount of alkalinity consumption during the time it takes add the entire volume of your drip system. Determine the amount of Basis Cichlid Buffer to add to your drip system in grams by multiplying your tank capacity in gallons by the amount you want to raise it in meq/L by .32 or in dKH by .114 ( Example: if you have a 20 gallon tank and you want to raise the level by 1 meq/L with the entire dose you would multiply 20 x .32 x 1 which equals 6.4 grams or about 1 teaspoon of Basis Cichlid powder. Or if you want to raise it by 1 dKH you would multiply 20 x .114 x 1 = 2.28 grams or about 1/3 teaspoon of Basis Cichlid powder.)
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