POND GREEN WATER GOBLINS (Treats Thousands of Gallons Easy & effective to useEnlarge « »

POND GREEN WATER GOBLINS (Treats Thousands of Gallons Easy & effective to use

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The 6 Pack Treats 6 000 Gallons ( 27 277 litres).
The 24 Pack Treats 24 000 Gallons ( 109 106 Litres).
Green Water Goblins does exactly what the name implies it gobbles up green water naturally quickly and effectively. It treats a huge amount of water at great value prices.
It has been specially formulated to contain beneficial pond bacteria in small water soluble fish safe pouches which are ideal for use in koi ponds and water garden ponds.
This natural bio degradable formulation provides a ‘no mess’ and no guesswork approach to pond maintenance.
This formulation will reduce excess fish food fish waste and toxic nutrients such as ammonia and nitrite which in turn produce nutrients such as Nitrate and Phosphate that feed the annoying green water particulate algae. Ridding your pond of this will in turn reduce bottom sludge and reduce odours while impoving your water clarity.
As the product makes use of natural bacteria you can avoid the problem many algaecides cause by allowing the dead algae lay on the bottom rather than completely dealing with the problem.
  • Application:- Apply 1 x 28g sachet per 4546litres/1000 gallons of water.
  • Apply every 1-2 weeks or as needed to keep your water clean and healthy.
For best results use when the water temperature is above 10 degrees centigrade/50 degrees farenheit.
Simple to use by just throwing the required number of pouches into an area of good flow in your pond or in a chamber of your pond filter.
For increased faster results use twice the amount required on the first application.
This is not a medication pesticide or herbicide and is not intended as a substitute for one.

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