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DORWEST OATMEAL ADVANCE SHAMPOO Relieves and calms skin problems, Dogs or Cats

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DORWEST HERBS Was founded in 1948 giving them over 60 years specialist experience in companion animals and herbal treatments.

They are a third generation family business located in rural West Dorset. The business is run today by Tony & Mary Boughton with their son and daughter Roly and Joanna. 

They are passionate about keeping dogs and cats healthy and happy by using pharmaceutical quality herbal supplements and licensed herbal medicines. 

They have dedicated experienced trained staff with a real interest in companion animals. 

Dorwest is the renowned market leader and a worldwide brand available in over 20 countries outside the UK. 

For happy healthy dogs and cats ... choose Dorwest.
As their products are of such high quality we at M J Aquatics are happy to sell them as they meet the high standards we demand from our products.


This new hypoallergenic dermo-calming shampoo soothes the skin and effectively cleanses the coat.

It has incorporated natural active ingredients; colloidal oatmeal (2%) that helps to  calm soothe and nourish the skin lavender oil and extract has antiseptic and healing properties whilst glycerine has moisturising properties which in combination help to relieve and replenish  dry and irritated skin. 

A pH of 7 ensures this shampoo works harmoniously with your pet’s skin to maintain its natural balance and help to retain the skin’s natural protective properties.

Contains absolutely no SLS/SLES parabens artificial fragrances or  colouring.

Oatmeal Advance Shampoo is suitable for all skin and coat types.

Ideal to be used in conjunction with our herbal medicines for skin conditions Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets and Mixed Vegetable Tablets




 Review By: Catherine 

This is the best dog shampoo I have used to date for our PBGV;I highly recommend it 

Date: 04/01/2015 13:00:23

Rating: 5 / 5

Licking & biting


Review By: M Merv & Jack Dyson 

Jack Dyson our Jack Russell cross had been licking and biting around his rear end and paws to which we needed a remedy. We found Dorwest and with the skill of the staff they helped us to decide on the best products we would need to give to holistically enable Jack to have a peaceful life. Nearly two months on and using the Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets and Mixed Vegetable Tablets he is a changed animal. So many people compliment on his skin and coat condition which we also attribute to the Oatmeal Advance Shampoo and even we are in awe of his gleam obviously Jack Dyson knows this and exploits to his full content and entertainment. We will continue to use Dorwest products for as long as we can with Jack just to know we are giving him the very best treatment we can in a humane way. 

Date: 11/09/2014 15:40:11

Rating: 5 / 5

Lovely silky coats & I didn’t need a conditioner


Review By: Mrs F Holland 

Just to let you know how pleased I am with your Oatmeal Advance shampoo. Bath time is usually a long drawn out affair with three English Setters. The shampoo has a very pleasant smell and when the dogs were dry their coats were lovely and silky and no static. The best thing of all was that I did not need a conditioner!! Living in The New Forest grass allergies can be a problem and play havoc with their skin but this shampoo managed to calm their skin. I hope you will soon make a bigger bottle. My son’s English Setter has had continuous allergies so her coat has not been the best but I got him a bottle of the Oatmeal Shampoo and he was so pleased to see such good results. She looks like a different dog with a lovely shiny smooth coat. Well done Dorwest. 

Date: 11/09/2014 15:40:11

Rating: 5 / 5

wonderful shampoo


Review By: DOROTHY 

I am ordering 500mls x 2 for my frenchie Patricia who suffers from a yeast problem.I wash her twice a week in it & she is much better .Her coat shines she is much less irritated scratching chewing & licking herself .I am taking advantage of the free P&P offer to buy 2 large bottles Thank-you Dorwest 

Date: 31/07/2014 07:08:30

Rating: 5 / 5

Soft and shiny coat


Review By: Smudge and Mrs roberts 

Hello My name is Smudge and I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I was very happy being all mucky but my mum said I needed a bath so she used Dorwest Oatmeal Advance Shampoo. I may have just turned 12 and am not fussy about change but ooooh it was nice and with just the right amount of fragrance that soon vanished. It was a lovely day so mum washed me in the garden and the shampoo was lovely and foamy as she massaged it in. Unfortunately I was under orders to not run around in the bushes afterwards…..although I did when she wasn’t looking!! Now my coat is lovely soft and shiny with no conditioner used. Can’t wait to see my pals in the park but not before a nice nap…all this pampering is exhausting!! Luv & licks Smudge Roberts 

Date: 10/07/2014 16:39:16

Rating: 5 / 5

Westie skin


Review By: Mrs Yeoman 

My dog Robbie is a nine year old West Highland Terrier we rescued him from Westie Rescue when he was approximately 18 months old and he is a delight. However he had bad skin problems and it was suggested by a vet (not our current one) that he should be prescribed steroids. Not wanting to go down that road with a young dog it was suggested that I contacted Dorwest Herbs and for approximately seven years he's been taking Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets and Mixed Vegetable Tablets. These have made a remarkable difference though he still needed to be bathed in Malaseb until now that is. A friend gave me a sample of the Oatmeal Advance Shampoo and after a bath last week his skin has remained perfectly healthy with not one blemish. The shampoo lathered well and rinsed off very quickly and the overall result was a very clean and soft coat. In the past I have used over the counter dog shampoos and baby shampoo all of which have caused irritation. So I am now hoping that we can continue a healthier grooming regime. 

Date: 10/07/2014 15:36:11

Rating: 5 / 5

A very good shampoo


 Review By: Miss How Rooty & Eva 

The Oatmeal Advance is a very good shampoo with a pleasant scent that is not overpowering. It lathers very easily for SLS free - yippee – and now I have two very clean and softer coated dogs. Rooty has stopped scratching this morning after an oatmeal bath. A little goes a long way! Bigger bottle next time. Well done again Dorwest. 

Date: 10/07/2014 15:19:04

Rating: 5 / 5

Stained & Smelly Coat


Review By: Mrs McDonnell 

We have an 11 year old Pug bitch that has been off her back legs for nearly three years and is therefore incontinent. We wash her three times a day and baby power her to keep her clean but the stain remains and obviously in the hot weather she does not always smell very ladylike. After receiving a sample of your Oatmeal Advance Shampoo I thought I would try it out on my Pug that is off her back legs. Well the difference is amazing her coat is practically free of stain and she now DOES smell very ladylike. I thoroughly recommend this to any dog lover - no doggy smell and what a wonderful product for those that show their dogs. Needless to say my order for the larger bottle is on its way. Thank you Dorwest. 

Date: 10/07/2014 15:17:13

Rating: 5 / 5

Soft coat


 Review By: Laurie 

Tried the free sachet on my Westie and Patterdale terriers It made their coats lovely and soft. So glad that you now do a shampoo without nasty chemicals this is the best I've tried wonderful stuff have just ordered a full bottle. 

Date: 24/06/2014 10:07:23

Rating: 5 / 5



Review By: Linda Ann Lawson 

The beauty of the English Setter is its lovely silky coat. I tried my 20ML sample of the Oatmeal Advanced Shampoo before the Boston Premier Open Show. We not only were Best AVNSC but Gundog Group One from 269 dogs. Only a small amount is needed and I have already ordered a large bottle to use all the time.My bitch is a Show Champion so has to look her best at all times in the ring. 

Date: 02/06/2014 19:26:53


Rating: 5 / 5


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