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Precision Solutions Cyano Solution - Treats and Kills Cyano Bacteria FAST

Cyano Bacteria can look a lot like the algae patches you get on live rock. It feels rather slimy to the touch and can be very tough to get rid of. It commonly appears in some shade of red but it can show as dark bluish green, purplish and even black. You can try to remove with brushes and nets but it will spread invasively until it carpets the whole tank, rock, corals etc unless you actually kill it off. If you have a cyanobacteria bloom on your hands, or at the first sign of it, use Precision Solutions Cyano solution which acts fast to destroy Features: Cyano Solution 2g pack treats around 1500 litres or 400 gallons. Cyano Solution usually works within 48 hours although its safe to redose after a 25% water change Harmless to corals and fish in the correct dosage Will not discolour the water How to Use: It is essential that you know the capacity of your tank as it is very powerful treatment which works effectively to kill the bacteria. Before use siphon as much of the bacteria as possible before treating. Remove any activated carbon from your filter and switch off your skimmer. Dissolve a 1 level scoop of Cyano solution for each 10 gallons (38 litres) of actual aquarium capacity in a cup of tank water and add this back to the aquarium. Do not treat in the evening when the lights are out. Over the next 48 hours you should see the results. Next do a 25% water change, put the skimmer back on and add some fresh carbon. Please be aware that using this product can drop oxygen levels within your tank depending on the levels of Cyano you have still in the tank to treat. So adding extra pumping is a good move.

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