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CONTINUUM REEF BASIS MAGNESIUM LIQUID Ionically Balanced For Marine Aquariums

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Reef•Basis Magnesium




Reef•Basis Magnesium


Is a high quality ionically balanced solution of hydrated magnesium salts designed to safely raise the magnesium level in marine aquariums providing essential magnesium for support of aragonite formation in corals assisting in regulation of calcium and alkalinity levels and for other desirable functions. It contains no acetate gluconates polygluconates or other unnecessary organics to pollute your aquarium. It is phosphate and nitrate free.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Proper control of magnesium level is imperative for the health and growth of corals as well as maintenance of calcium and buffer levels. Some sea salt mixes are low in magnesium. Continuum recommends that you maintain a magnesium level of between 1 250 and 1 350 mg/L (ppm) for normal reef keeping. This product is also suitable for use by hobbyists who want to raise the magnesium level up to the range of 1 500 to 1 800 mg/L (ppm) for special uses. If you raise the magnesium level that high be sure to closely monitor the condition of corals and other animals to make sure that they remain healthy and vibrant. Should negative signs such as corals refusing to open poor coloration etc. be seen discontinue use and allow the level to decrease until the animals look healthy again.

Continuum is founded by marine aquarium hobbyist engineer and long time aquarium products manufacturer Jack Kent (You have al heard of Kent Marine) well since leaving Kent Marine he has not stood still.

He has researched and adapted a range of products taking them to another level ahead of their predecessors. Now launching a new business called Continuum Aquatics he continues his quest for the most innovative high quality aquarium products combined with excellence in customer service.

Continuum Aquatics has developed a complete line of cutting edge chemical and nutritional supplements vitamins and filtration media to maintain marine aquarium environments for the aquarium novice and for the most demanding hobbyist or public aquarium. Continuum products are thoroughly thought out tediously tested and made to the highest standards of quality.


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