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CONTINUUM EXXODUS•NITRYX PLATE (Nitrate removal for 3-5 years)

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exxodus•nitryx plate unique ceramic filtration medium providing the highest possible surface area and doped with sulfur for denitrification in ponds, reefs and freshwater planted aquariums Exxodus•Nitryx is an extremely porous filtration medium designed to be used in all aquariums and aquatic systems for bio-filtration. It literally has the highest surface area of any filtration medium in the world, by far, yet it provides excellent flow characteristics! Each litre of Exxodus•Nitryx provides over 71,000 square feet of surface area internally for bacterial colonization, providing for nitrification (if employed aerobically) and vast amounts of anaerobic or anoxic surface area to foster denitrification, as well. One plate provides about 125,000 square feet of use-able surface area for bacterial colonization. In addition, Exxodus•Nitryx is unique in that it is doped with sulfur particles which act as an electron donor for the cultivation of large amounts of anaerobic microbes to provide for a huge denitration capacity - much larger than any other known material. It may be used as your primary or only bacterial denitration medium. It works extremely well in nano aquariums, as well as systems of all sizes. It is particularly well suited to reef systems with live rock including FOWLR systems and will not foster problems that alcohol denitrators may. Use in a canister filter, reactor, or other type of aquarium filter with SLOW water flow. Primarily designed to be submerged to foster anaerobic or anoxic conditions. No need for reactors, no need for massive water flow. Can be used anywhere. Seeding is simple with the continuum ranges as explained below but there is no need to seed if you already have live rock and patience. But if you wish to obtain maximum efficiency quicker then use the Bacter Gen MD (marine and reef) or Bacter Gen F for freshwater aquariums. This is a breakthrough revolutionary microbial culture specifically for denitration in all marine and reef systems. Just place the media in a bucket containing some aquarium water or RO water (best to place it on a hammock of some sort as handling it after its wet is very very difficult) and add the amount of BacterGen MD for your tank size and leave to soak for 24 hours stirring every few hours and agitating the water by pouring out and back in every so often as well. Then gently place the media into your filter system by lifting it on your hammock. However for immediate operation in a new aquariums the use of Prodibio's Start Up is the perfect option as it is live cultures and therefore works immediately and can be added directly to your aquarium. If the aquarium is already established then Prodibio's Biodigest is the perfect product to get the media instantly running as it is live cultures of bacteria. For maximum results, should be used simultaneously with Reef BioPellet•Fuel, Reef Micro•Fuel, or Flora Viv Prolifera carbon sources as a growth accelerator and/or with BacterClean•M or F, BacterGen•M or F, or BacterGen•MD microbial cultures, as appropriate, to jump start and maintain the colonization process at elevated levels. Directions. One Exxodus•Nitryx plate will provide denitriication for about 1,250 U.S. gallons, ( 4,750 L ) of aquarium volume. Rinse plate gently in purified tap water or aquarium water. Pre-seed the product by placing it in a plastic container, submerged in aquarium water, and adding the recommended dose for your aquarium size of the aforementioned bacterial products (BacterClean or BacterGen). Allow the product to remain in this soak for 12 to 24 hours, stirring gently occasionally or agitating the liquid by pouring out and back into the container, gently. Place the seeded Exxodus•Nitryx plate into system. The use of a pre-filtration filter floss, sponge or other mechanical pre-filtration is recommended to prevent fouling in flow through applications. This range of media is the most prolific filter media to appear on the Aquatics market anywhere in the world. This media has Nitrate (NO3) removal properties for 3-5 years. YES 3-5 years!!!!!. That means it out performs all the standard medias and resins out there. Plus when it no longer pulls out NO3 it still operates in the same way as the brands BIO MEDIA and lasts for around another 45 years as biological media. It's mind blowing!!!!. Shortly we will give some technical information via a link. explaining how it can out perform all other media's so massively. But for now if you need to know more information please message us and we will provide technical information and help. Just 250 ml of this, plus 250 ml of the Phosphyx, plus 250 ml of the BAC all by Continuum placed in an external filter will turn filtration figures on their head. As your filter will operate to clean over 1,800 litres of water now instead of standard external filter figures of around 100 to 600 litres. You will also cover every base of filtration including phosphate and nitrate removal. It can work placed anywhere in a steady gentle flow of water, no need to fluidise. The plate can be used by laying anywhere in a steady gentle flow of water from inside external filters or in a sump and 1 plate will offer up over 100,000 square feet of surface area and treat 1250 gallons (5650 litres). Caution: Do not fluidize or allow to abrade against moving parts. Material can wear down due to mechanical action, and produce dust and fines. This filter media is taking the fish keeping industry by storm it exceeds any other filter media for surface area by miles and its unique capabilities make it the most efficient and long lasting of all. The nitrate removal capability lasts from 3 to 5 years and then the product reverts to just biological for a further 45 years. Please check out our other listings for the same product in different forms and quantities all with the same massive capability.
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