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Phospha-Guard Phosphate Absorber

-         Dramatically Reduces Water Changes.

-         Controls unsightly Algae Easily.

-         For use in Freshwater & Seawater.

-         Regenerates with Phospha-Guard RE-CYCLE up to 3 times.




It's here at last. M.J. Aquatics have been fortunate enough to have been a part of some trials for some new products. The trials were so successful we could not wait to get our hands on the range for sale to the public. Fortunately the UK importers J&M AQUATICS LTD have allowed us to become one of the first online retailers of the range.

For many years now we have seen products enter the aquatics market promising to lower phosphate levels and whilst many do lower them most start to become a large monthly expenditure. Now like many other people we would like to eradicate them and then keep them gone. Well at last this product will do exactly what it says on the tin (label).

THE NITRA-GUARD BIO-CUBES ARE PROVING A HIT WITH ALL OUR CUSTOMERS and now the PHOSPHA-GUARD GFH will do the same as it is able to be used 3 times making it not only more powerful than any rival brands but much more economical than any rival brand.

Phospha-Guard removes and maintains extremely low to non-measurable levels of phosphates whether it be in salt or freshwater. This will reduce the amount of water changes you have to do and will along with other treatments eradicate unsightly algae blooms.

Phospha-Guard GFH was specifically designed to absorb phosphate silicate & heavy-metals from both freshwater & seawater. Once phosphates bond to it’s surface it will not leach back into the tank. This eliminates the inhibition of coral calcification and massively reduces prolific algae growth.

Phospha-Guard GFH has a massive surface area 300m2/g making it exceptionally powerful and giving explosive performance when compared to any competing products. 1lts of Phospha-Guard GFH media removes more than 26 000ppm of phosphate / silicate or heavy-metals from 1 000lts of water!

Phospha-Guard GFH is extremely effective in a fluidized reactor where slow abrasion slowly erodes the surface of the media thereby continually exposing a new surface area to absorb phosphate.

To make this product even more attractive Phospha-Guard GFH can be regenerated 3 times over using the Phospha-Guard recycle making it very economical.

(The recycle will also recycle all other ferric hydroxide phosphate resins) so all you people stuck on rival brands like Rowaphos that keep throwing it away after one use you can now start using it three times.

Or like many swap totally to this excellent brand as they are angry that for years they have been told to throw it away after one use at great expense when all along it could have been recycled.



Phospha-Guard GFH is available in 250ml Jar 500ml Jar & 1 000ml Jar.

Due to varying moisture content product is sold by volume.


The amount of hydroxyls that are present in a media will directly affect the performance of the media. Simply put there are more available sites for the Phosphate Silicate and heavy metals to attach to and it will attach more aggressively. Other GFH products were designed for mains water treatment facilities. The pH standard in water treatment is pH 7.0 while the pH of Phospha-Guard GFH is between a pH of 8.3 to 8.5. This not only insures that no pH drops occur in the marine aquarium but the media will also absorb Phosphates Silicates and heavy metals more aggressively. Phospha-Guard GFH is made specifically for aquarium water and has been designed to specifically address the problems and challenges that aquarium water generally has. Phospha-Guard GFH can also be regenerated 3 times over with Phospha-Guard RE-CYCLE making the product far more economical than other products in it’s category.

To use PHOSPHA-GUARD you just need 1ml per 4 liter of tank water. If however you are using for the first time and phosphate levels are high use at a rate of .5ml - 1ml per litre of tank water then once levels are reduced you can use at the maintenance rate of between just .25ml- .5ml per litre of tank water although many people carry on using at the rate they started as it works longer before needing recycling. On initial use it will create some cloudiness within the tank which will soon clear. If used in a media bag it should be placed in an area of high flow in your tank but preferably in a reactor. Once phosphates are as low as possible (remember a true zero reading is not possible)  it is just a case of monitoring  Phosphates and regenerating as required.

Never let the product dry out as this will impair its performance and if using in a media bag just massage the bag every few days to avoid organic waste build up on the resin.


Recycle will regenerate Phospha-Guard up to 3 times and most other phosphate removal medias (inc rowaphos).

Economical to use.

Easy & Convenient to use.

For Freshwater and Marine Use.

Will Recycle all Ferric Oxide / Hydroxide based phosphate removal medias approx 3 times.

Directions for use.

Mix just 200g of RE-CYCLE in 1.5 litres of warm tap water (Not hot or Boiling).

Soak in this solution for 24 hours.

Cut off the bottom of a 2 litre plastic bottle place over a bucket.

Place the media in the bottle with the solution loosen the cap so it slowly drips. The longer and slower the solution flows out the more efficient the regeneration process will be. If you wish you can re-use the solution to do the operation a second time. Finally rinse the media well with RO water before returning to your tank.

You can even recycle other major brands such as Rowaphos with this.


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