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Please read the information at the foot of this page for information on fleas.

In the battle against FLEAS & TICKS there are many commercial chemical based sprays and powders available which can be used to great effect but need very careful planning and use. This is mainly due to the fact that most people still need to use the rooms they are treating and in many circumstances there is a child in the home.

Many commercial products are too weak to do the job needed effectively. That is why we only sell products used by the professionals within the pest control industry.

We now have another great product for use against Fleas Ticks and many other flying and crawling insects.

This product like  Diatomaceous Earth is a totally organic and natural product but offers an instant direct spray against them.

The new formulation is non chemical non biological and organic approved.

For use against pests such as Fleas Ticks Bed Bugs Cockroaches Booklice Red Mites Crickets Ants Moths Beetles casual intruders Flies and Maggots.

It is safe to use in and around domestic or public buildings and rooms animal housing hospitals farms and food storage.

It comes as a 1 litre concentrate or 500ml ready to use spray. The 1 litre of concentrate is ideal for larger applications in places such as animal sanctuary's hotels and guest houses and should be mixed at a rate of 200ml per 5 Litres of water which means 1 litre of concentrate will provide 25 Litres of treatment making great savings on having to destroy expensive mattresses bedding carpets and rugs.

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Flea Control

For more information on how to keep fleas out of your property please see below.

Protecting Your Home and Family from Fleas

Fleas are a common problem in homes especially for those with cats or dogs. They are also frequently found when moving into a home that previously had pets.

While fleas can transmit disease in this country it is very rare. Instead the primary concern is the distress that flea bites cause to people and pets.

Understanding Fleas

There are many species of flea but most are 2-3mm long and red or brown in colour.

Adult fleas pierce the skin of mammals or birds to feed on blood. However flea larvae feed on organic matter in carpets or bedding and so high levels of hygiene can slow or even stop the life-cycle.

Flea cocoons have been known to remain dormant for two years or more and are awoken by the vibration of footsteps. It is very common for a flea infestation to remain dormant in an empty home but to awaken when people move in.

Identifying Fleas

· HUMAN FLEAS have evolved to specialise on different animals but the human flea that lives on people (and some animals with similar skin) is now uncommon in this country. The exception is around farms where human fleas are found on pigs and these can jump to humans. Human fleas will bite anywhere on the body and are associated with itchiness as fleas crawl over the skin.

· CAT FLEAS will bite humans but they do not live on the human body. They will bite the hands and body when handling pets or pet bedding but the most common place for flea bites are the feet and lower legs. There are usually many more fleas living on carpets and pet bedding than on the pets themselves; they will jump up and bite people as they come close.

Treating Flea Bites

Flea bites are marked by a tiny dark spot surrounded by a reddened area but the swelling is less pronounced than with other insect bites. A single flea will often bite two or three times in the same area in search of blood.

The flea bite is usually felt immediately but it does not particularly hurt. It is the itchiness that results from the body’s reaction that causes discomfort.

Infants are at higher risk from being bitten by fleas particularly when playing on the floor. They also tend to be more sensitive than adults to flea bites.

After several flea bites some people develop an allergic sensitivity to the being bitten leading to an itchy rash or eczema. Consult a chemist for advice and treatment.

While fleas cause humans distress pets are often much more affected by flea bites.

Protecting Pets from Fleas

Even with the best care it is difficult to protect fully against the risk of your dog or cat catching fleas.

When your pet has fleas it is likely that it will scratch more often or try to bite the fleas in its fur. A battery/electric flea comb and frequent grooming may be sufficient to prevent fleas establishing themselves but there are many other treatments to protect your pet from fleas.

Consult your vet though if there are signs of irritation such as reddening of the skin or if there are thin patches in the coat of your pet.

How to get rid of Fleas

If you have pets it is essential to prevent fleas becoming established in carpets and bedding:

· Vacuum carpets and furnishings where pets sleep to remove fleas and eggs. Use the strongest suction that will not damage the fabric. Take care emptying the vacuum cleaner as fleas will still be alive.

· Shake or beat rugs and pet bedding outdoors so that fleas and eggs fall off

· Wash pet bedding every week ideally at above 50°C to kill fleas

· Take care when transferring bedding rugs etc to avoid spreading flea eggs

· Consider placing pet beds in areas without carpets such as on wooden/tiled floors

DIY Pest Control Products for Fleas

A range of diy products are available for use to help get rid of fleas quickly and efficiently. The range includes sprays and powders and many non toxic options such as flea lamps which can all be used in and around the house.

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