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CONTINUUM ELEMENTS AMINO (High Quality Supplement For All Corals & Invertebrates

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coral elementsamino

The best way to treat your corals and save money. When feeding corals lots of food is wasted over weirs and through filters. The main reason for this is when added corals are not ready to feed and polyp extension is slow. Then when they are ready to eat a lot of your food has already gone. If you use this 30 minutes before adding the polyps will be extended and ready to take food. This time is gradually reduced as the corals adjust to the food following its addition.

Coral Elements•Amino is a free form amino acid complex that closely replicates the amino acid profile of hard coral tissue.It encourages new coral tissue growth and vibrant coloration by providing solubilized proteins in a readily absorbable form. It is particularly useful for newly fragged corals or those that have been damaged in shipping injured grazed upon or that have been subject to bleaching in that it makes the job of nutrient uptake and tissue repair much easier for the animal. (However compromised animals may require medication other nutrients and special treatment beyond what this product can do. No claims are made that such animals will recover.)


Use in aquarium keeping.

During times of stress or rapid growth Corals can utilize free form amino acids directly from this product with minimal digestion required rather than having to rely on their zooxanthellae alone. It is also useful as a regular regimen to assist in normal growth and coloration. In addition to Coral Elements•Amino it is recommended that you also add Coral•Elements N to provide coral specific minerals and vitamins. When using this product as a food Continuum recommends that the hobbyist vary the types and sizes of foods delivered into the reef aquarium. Other Continuum foods that make good choices for this food rotation include Coral Exponential Ocean Snow Micro•Blast Zoo•Blast and Phyto•Blast. Also occasionally blending the foods and using them as soaks for other foods will give your invertebrates a variety simulating nature. Vary the time of day for feeding as well being sure to feed at night for those organisms that primarily feed nocturnally. Many corals feed primarily at night extending their tentacles and mesentarial filaments using their nematocysts to capture prey and entrapping prey on their sticky tentacles with mucus and drawing it into their mouths.

Directions and protocol.

Shake well prior to use. Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 50 US-gallons (200 L) of marine aquarium water 2 to 3 times per week in an area of high flow. This product works wonderfully as a food soak or if added to food soak.

Expert use.

Target feeding is the best method of addition. Use a turkey baster pipette or similar tool to release upstream of animals to be fed. Do not touch corals with tool. Do not allow aquarium water to enter the bottle to do so will introduce bacteria into the product and accelerate its decomposition. Instead drop or pour appropriate amount of Coral Elements•Amino into a cup and use any tool in the cup. Feed all that you pour and do not return any product to the container (again to prevent contamination).

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