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BED BUG MONITOR PROFESSIONAL (Prove the need to treat)

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Many people are horrified when they realise they have bed bugs well thats fine and a pretty normal reaction. However if you feel embarrassed let me assure you that you are not alone. The number of people with bed bug infestations has massively increased in the last 5 years. This is mainly due to the number of people travelling overseas for holidays and on business.

Areas located around major airports and docks are some of the most afected areas this is due to taxis and the close proximity of people and luggage. Then visitors to their homes move them around the country. We supply many top hotels with bed bug products so hopefully that will make you realise you are not alone.

A huge tip to avoid repeat infestations is as follows.

When you arrive at your holiday hotel do not be tempted to throw your bags straight on the bed and lay out on it. Firstly walk straight into the bathroom/shower and stand your cases in the bath or shower. Then carefully check the mattress of any beds paying strict attention to the pattern creases or pipng round the edges. Then check the frame in the very tight corners. Then check the carpet edges near skirting boards and cracks in skirting boards bedside cabinets and cupboards. As they hide away from the bed and move at night. If you find any demand another room you only need 1 to find its way into your clothes or case and that will be the beginning of your problems at home. But do not panic help is at hand.   

We sell a growing range of professional products for the eradication of Bed Bugs and other pests.

Therefore it is only right that we assist you in proving you actually have bed bugs before you purchase expensive or unnecessary products.

To get rid of bed bugs the best method is to prove what sort of infestation you have then you know how to arm yourself for the treatment.

This brand new innovative device is cheap and easy to use to help you prove the presence of bed bugs so you can treat the problem yourself get in professionals or prove to your landlord you have a problem. It will also enable you to see the severity of the infestation allowing you to make the correct choice of treatment.


The unit is made from tough rigid plastic all in white and is able to be placed in most out of the way places out of sight as once it is closed it is remarkably slim.

This monitoring unit simply provides a home for Bedbugs to hide in as it mimics the type of harbourage they normally live in  of cracks and crevices. The construction will enable you to monitor any marks they leave behind as they leave excreted gut contents as red or brown smears and spots.


When checking the monitor please be aware that bed bugs cannot fly or jump they are just a crawling insect.

We sell the unit in various numbers so you can purchase in enough numbers to suit the number of rooms you wish to monitor from a one bedroomed flat to larger B&B’s and hotels.


Thanks for looking at our products please enter our shop where you will find many more professional items for the eradictaion of Bed Bugs and other pests.

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