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AUTOMATIC WATER DISPENSER (With Large 3 litre capacity)

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The best way to keep your Dog or Cat healthy is to always offer fresh drinking water. Many homes have a bowl of water on the floor for their pet and yet the animal rarely shows any interest in it. Yet you can look out of the window to see it drinking from a puddle or pond. The reason for this is that water always tastes fresh but the water put in the bowl has stood for a few hours so is stale.

When animals reduce their water intake it can cause many health issues with the animal.
Dogs and cats most at risk from dehydration are those who suffer from various illnesses such as kidney disorders cancer and infectious disease.
Elderly dogs and cats and pregnant or nursing dogs and cats  may be prone to dehydration as well as diabetic dogs and cats whose condition is not regularly monitored. Many dogs and cats go on to suffer with kidney problems later in life so always offering fresh clean water is a great way of helping to prevent these issues.

The unit comes with spare carbon filters and keeps the water moving continuously so offers the animal fresh cool running water throughout the day. Which motivates your pet to drink regularly. It has a clear bowl making it easy to see when it needs filling. Along with the running water which enriches the water with higher oxygen levels the unit has a carbon filter which reduces any bad smells and provides an optimal fresh cool taste for your pet.

Product Features
  • plastic.
  • Dispenses fresh running water.
  • Motivates the pet to drink.
  • Reduces bad smells and provides optimal taste.
  • Enriches the water with oxygen.
  • Cold water provided through circulation
  • Active carbon filter ensures an improved water quality (incl. 2 replacement filters).
  • Transparent tank for content checks.
  • Quiet pump.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Top part dishwasher proof

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