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AQUARIUM HEATERS With Gold Contacts (Professional heaters the best available)

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The highest quality aquarium heater you can buy.

Your heater is the life support in your aquarium. Your livestock can live for days sometimes weeks without filters and pumps but they can only live a few hours without heat. If it stops working as you go to bed they could all be dead by morning or as you go to work they could all be dead by your return.

So don’t mess with their life support buy the best and buy it just once.

COMFORT ZONE GOLD heaters are a glass aquarium heater with a thermostat built with contacts covered in a layer of genuine gold. Unlike traditional glass aquarium heaters which consist of a thermostat with base metal copper contacts and a heating spiral. The thermostat senses the aquarium water temperature and if the need arises it connects or disconnects the contacts turning the heating spiral on or off. The most sensitive elements of the complete circuit are the contacts – despite the use of electronic components to ease the stress placed on the contacts they are prone to failure due to metal oxidation on their surface over time which results in their accuracy being compromised. Due to gradual decay of the contact surfaces sometimes the unit fails to switch either on or off and gradually this continues until resulting in complete failure of the unit.. That decay not only shortens the life span of the heater and lowers the accuracy of the heater but can have a detrimental effect on your tanks inhabitants and even result in deaths of livestock.

In the new revolutionary heater - COMFORT ZONE GOLD – that problem has been eliminated. The contacts are gilded with a layer of genuine gold. Of all metals Gold is highly chemically inert and is not subject to oxidization. Therefore the use of Gold on the contacts significantly extends the heater life span whilst also maintaining the accuracy of its operation. It offers many years of failure-free operation and complete thermal safety for the animals inhabiting the aquarium. Great care is taken to manufacture these units to the highest standards of manufacture.  Each single unit is computer-tested in a professional laboratory prior to being passed to the hands of the user. The accuracy of thermostat operation is within1ºC.
COMFORT ZONE GOLD heaters are available in eight versions of wattages: 25 W 50 W 75 W 100 W 150 W 200 W 250 W and 300 W. They can therefore be used in virtually any size aquarium both freshwater as well as salt water.


  • Gilded contacts guarantee long life span of the device.
  • Electronic thermo relay ensures accurate temperature.
  • Stepless regulation of temperature in wide range.
  • Each unit is individually computer-tested.


Available in a choice of power ratings to suit your every need.

  • 25 watt 23.5 cm long.
  • 50 watt 27.3 cm long.
  • 75 watt 27.3 cm long.
  • 100 watt 27.3 cm long.
  • 150 watt 31 cm long.
  • 200 watt 31 cm long.
  • 250 watt 37 cm long.
  • 300 watt 37 cm long.



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