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ANT KILLER BAIT CAPSULES (The Strongest Ant Killer For Amatuer Use)

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Everyone seems to suffer from the same summer time problem.
The minute the sun starts to show and ground begins to dry out every crack and crevice in your garden seems to produce armies of ants. They seem to get everywhere even managing to enter your home.
So we all trudge off to our local store to purchase some ant powder or any other type of product and spend hours going all around trying to wipe them out only for them to return a few days later or the rain to come and wash away all your treatment.
If the powder is not washed away by rain it remains as an awful unsightly mess.
Well here we have the solution with these ant bait stations.

They will arrive sealed in a foil pouch and are pre-baited with a gel that is the most effective killer.
It is highly palatable and immediately attracts them then there is no hope for them (When they are sugar dependent).
They just need placing on the ground anywhere near the infestation. They are cleverly designed so no small hands from inquisitive children can get into them.

The design is to stop them being used by honey bees and other insects which you are not targeting. So are friendly to non targeted species. Also they are small so they can be hidden in out of the way places.

This ready to use bait station has been specifically developed for the control of black ants.
The powerful bait consists of sugar and honey combined with the active ingredients which attracts the ants to feed on it and take it back to the colony.
Colony eradication can be expected within 7- 14 days after treatment. These can be used indoors or outdoors and are ideal for sensitive areas such as kitchens.
We sell these in a single twin or four packs allowing you to place in any rooms or positions you want and their size makes them very discreet.

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